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Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird Setup (Desktop: Linux/MacOS/Windows)

Step 1: Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 2: Open Thunderbird and click "Set Up an Existing Email Account." Enter your name as you want it to appear to email recipients, your domain email address, and your mailbox password. Then click "Continue."

Thunderbird Step 1

Step 3: Thunderbird will obtain the email settings automatically from our servers. Verify that the server parameters are identical to those shown in the image below. If, for some reason, the are not, please file a Help Desk ticket. If the settings are correct, click "Done."

Thunderbird Step 2

Step 4: Click "Set As Default" to set Mozilla Thunderbird as your default email client. This will assure that Thunderbird handles sending emails when you click on an email link in your web browser.

Thunderbird Step 3


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